Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coffee & Cakes [04] - Coffee For Seung Ho (2)


Onew stared at the coffee glass on his hand with a tied smile. From the kitchen, Nichkhun walked out and stopped. He stared at the coffee Onew clutched.
“Is that your coffee?” he asked Onew.
“This is my coffee, hyung.” Onew smiled. He shoved the coffee to Nichkhun’s face.
“Oh my God, what smell is that??” Nichkhun closed his nose once he smelled Onew’s coffee.
Before Onew could answer it, Donghae who just came from the staff room quickly grabbed the coffee on Onew’s hands and with a big grin, took a sip of it. Onew and Nichkhun gulped  as they saw Donghae swallow the liquid in that coffee mug.
“BLEEHHH! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!” he spitted the coffee to the floor and rubbed his tongue.
“It’s Chicken Latte, hyung.” Onew said with flat expression. Both Nichkhun and Donghae’s eyeballs almost fell from their heads.
“CHICKEN?” they repeated, then looked at each other.
“Onew, as much as you love chicken, you can’t mix it with coffee!” Nichkhun whispered loudly to Onew.
“I still felt the chicken stock flavor in my mouth…” Donghae coughed and took a glass of mineral water.
“You can’t give this to Seung Ho. He’d definitely fire you.” Nichkhun patted Onew’s shoulder and left to the cashier counter. Onew sighed and threw the horrible coffee he made into the sink.

Sunny's POV

“I’m leaving first! Good bye all!” I waved to the other employees in the staff room that’s on shift after mine. I walked out from Antique Bakery. Right across the street, I saw Onew stood with flurried face and sighed.
“Annyeong!” I greeted him and hit his arm slowly.
“Oh, Sunny –ah, annyeong.” He seems confused.
“Have your shift ended?” I asked him. He nodded.
“Uh.. any problems? Do you wanna tell me?” I asked him. He didn’t seem as imbecile as usual, there must be something wrong with him.
“Actually, Seung Ho wants me to make a good coffee or else I’ll be fired…” he sounds desperate.
“Ahh… I see.” I responded. “Well, it’s just coffee. You worked at a coffee shop, so you must be good at making coffee, right?”
“You truly have no idea…” he shook his head and looked at me with a funny stare.
He then told me about his experiment to mix coffee with chicken stock. I couldn’t help but laughing my head off.
“Jinjja?? So your favorite food is chicken?” I wept the happy-tears that fell from my eyes. He frowned at me.
“Is that wrong? Chicken is a good food.”
“Not that it’s wrong… but… mixing coffee with it… that’s just so wrong, Onew…” I suddenly felt sympathetic with him. He pursed his lips.
“Umm… yeah, I think you’re right.” He said with his chin up. I think he got his confidence back.
“Hey, what about mint? This morning I just invented a new cookie recipe! I changed the chocolate powder with coffee, and the chocolate chips with mint chips! It tasted beyond greatness.” I patted my chest proudly. He looked at me with bright eyes.
“Uwaaa… you’re a genius! I will try it! Thanks a lot Sunny, you’re the best!” Onew smiled. Finally, he smiled. We then both walking home together while discussing about the recipe he’ll be making.


“Done!” I said happily.
“New recipe? Should I try it again?” Donghae glomped from behind me and took the glass from my hand.
“NO! HYUNG DON’T!” I quickly grabbed my coffee glass back. “I’ll just give it to Seung Ho hyung now.” I continued.
“Since you seem so confident I can tell that you didn’t put any chicken stocks in it..” he said to me.
“Of course! This is Peppermint Latte!” I said it proudly.
“It sounds much better than Chicken Latte.” Nichkhun said. Donghae giggled for a while when he heard that.
“Wish me luck!” I grinned at them.

I opened the office door and walked in nervously. Seung Ho, Yunho, and Hara had waited for me to enter the room. I put the coffee on the table.
“Eeh… this is my coffee hyung. Please try it.” I gulped down as I saw Hara raised her eyebrow at me.
“I hope it tasted as good as it looks.” Seung Ho smiled at me. I gulped again as he took the first sip of the glass. I almost close my eyes while Hara took a sip too. Yunho didn’t took any sips from my coffee, instead he waited for Seung Ho and Hara to comment it.
“Well..” Seung Ho cut his word.
“Y.. Yes?” I tilted my head.
“What is it called again?”
“Peppermint Latte.”
“Hmm…” Hara touched her chin and kept staring at my coffee. I rolled my eyes and sighed. How long does it take to give comments on my coffee? Does it taste that confusing? Only some mint flavor with the right amount of coffee…
After they took sometime discussing, finally they stopped talking.

“Onew..” Seung Ho called me.
“Ne.?” Again, I answered him.
“Your coffee is great. We’d like to see you working again tomorrow morning.” Seung Ho reached out his hand and smiled at me.
“AHH JInjja-yo?? Thank you!!!!!” I hugged him instead. I went to hug Yunho too, but Hara quickly put her hand in front of my face before I could even reach her. She cleared her throat.
“We’d like to keep you working here because you’re such a determined employee. I hope you can work harder because we decided to let you stay.” She said without even a slight of smile. I didn’t care if she smiled or not, I smiled. I couldn’t wait to tell Sunny that her recipe works and I could keep working here.

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