Friday, September 16, 2011

Coffee & Cakes [02]


“Hello, Taeyeon.” I greeted Taeyeon as I wiped the cake display. She just walk, passing me. I think she didn’t hear it.
“HEY!” I heard someone is yelling In the kitchen. I quickly run to the kitchen.
I saw Taeyeon on the floor and Eun Hye standing in front of her with her face and uniform stained by creams and other oily things. I think I know what’s going on here. Yoona helps Eun Hye clean her face and uniform while I help Taeyeon stand up. Yes, Taeyeon started to sob.
“OMO! My uniform! STOP CRYING AND WASH MY UNIFORM!” Eun Hye yelling at Taeyeon.
“Unnie, stop yelling at her. I’ll wash your uniform.” I said as I hug Taeyeon to calm her down. Eun Hye walked to the changing room.
“It’s alright, Taeyeon.” I smiled and wiped her tears.
“Here!” Eun Hye suddenly appeared as she threw her uniform to me. “Give it to me by tomorrow” She continued and left me and Taeyeon.
I took Eun Hye’s uniform and put it into my locker.

I pushed the ‘up’ button and entered the lift when suddenly someone was running toward the lift and hold the lift’s door then walked into the lift. It was Onew.
“Slow down, young man.” I said.
“I was chased by a dog.” He answered.
“Mwo? What did you do to it?” I asked as I pushed the ‘9’ button.
“Nothing. I was walking. Well yea I kicked a can and it hit the dog. I really didn’t know that there were a dog there. It chased me like it’s going to eat me.”  He explained. He seems so exhausted.
“Hahahahaha!” I laughed. I couldn’t handle my laugh.
“what’s so funny about it? i almost die!” He pouts.
“Hahaha! Okay okay. I’ll stop.” Seriously, He’s the funniest guy I’ve ever knew. I always ended up laughing when talking to him.
“Ah! Your key chain.” He take a key chain out of his pocket. “I want to give it to you this morning but I couldn’t leave the café till my shift over.” He continued.
“oh, you really shouldn’t buy me this, but thank you. It’s kyeoptta” I take the key chain and smile. Woa. He really bought me this. That’s not even his fault. Well, He just got one more good points from me.
“I’m glad you like it.” He smiles to me. Ahh, how cute. I love his smile. A lot.
We walked to our apartment and separated in front of my door. He said Good bye to me and disappearing behind his door. I looked at the key chain he gave me and unconsciously smiling. What is this feeling? Why am I so happy when receiving this thing?

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