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Coffee & Cakes [04] - Coffee For Seung Ho (2)


Onew stared at the coffee glass on his hand with a tied smile. From the kitchen, Nichkhun walked out and stopped. He stared at the coffee Onew clutched.
“Is that your coffee?” he asked Onew.
“This is my coffee, hyung.” Onew smiled. He shoved the coffee to Nichkhun’s face.
“Oh my God, what smell is that??” Nichkhun closed his nose once he smelled Onew’s coffee.
Before Onew could answer it, Donghae who just came from the staff room quickly grabbed the coffee on Onew’s hands and with a big grin, took a sip of it. Onew and Nichkhun gulped  as they saw Donghae swallow the liquid in that coffee mug.
“BLEEHHH! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!” he spitted the coffee to the floor and rubbed his tongue.
“It’s Chicken Latte, hyung.” Onew said with flat expression. Both Nichkhun and Donghae’s eyeballs almost fell from their heads.
“CHICKEN?” they repeated, then looked at each other.
“Onew, as much as you love chicken, you can’t mix it with coffee!” Nichkhun whispered loudly to Onew.
“I still felt the chicken stock flavor in my mouth…” Donghae coughed and took a glass of mineral water.
“You can’t give this to Seung Ho. He’d definitely fire you.” Nichkhun patted Onew’s shoulder and left to the cashier counter. Onew sighed and threw the horrible coffee he made into the sink.

Sunny's POV

“I’m leaving first! Good bye all!” I waved to the other employees in the staff room that’s on shift after mine. I walked out from Antique Bakery. Right across the street, I saw Onew stood with flurried face and sighed.
“Annyeong!” I greeted him and hit his arm slowly.
“Oh, Sunny –ah, annyeong.” He seems confused.
“Have your shift ended?” I asked him. He nodded.
“Uh.. any problems? Do you wanna tell me?” I asked him. He didn’t seem as imbecile as usual, there must be something wrong with him.
“Actually, Seung Ho wants me to make a good coffee or else I’ll be fired…” he sounds desperate.
“Ahh… I see.” I responded. “Well, it’s just coffee. You worked at a coffee shop, so you must be good at making coffee, right?”
“You truly have no idea…” he shook his head and looked at me with a funny stare.
He then told me about his experiment to mix coffee with chicken stock. I couldn’t help but laughing my head off.
“Jinjja?? So your favorite food is chicken?” I wept the happy-tears that fell from my eyes. He frowned at me.
“Is that wrong? Chicken is a good food.”
“Not that it’s wrong… but… mixing coffee with it… that’s just so wrong, Onew…” I suddenly felt sympathetic with him. He pursed his lips.
“Umm… yeah, I think you’re right.” He said with his chin up. I think he got his confidence back.
“Hey, what about mint? This morning I just invented a new cookie recipe! I changed the chocolate powder with coffee, and the chocolate chips with mint chips! It tasted beyond greatness.” I patted my chest proudly. He looked at me with bright eyes.
“Uwaaa… you’re a genius! I will try it! Thanks a lot Sunny, you’re the best!” Onew smiled. Finally, he smiled. We then both walking home together while discussing about the recipe he’ll be making.


“Done!” I said happily.
“New recipe? Should I try it again?” Donghae glomped from behind me and took the glass from my hand.
“NO! HYUNG DON’T!” I quickly grabbed my coffee glass back. “I’ll just give it to Seung Ho hyung now.” I continued.
“Since you seem so confident I can tell that you didn’t put any chicken stocks in it..” he said to me.
“Of course! This is Peppermint Latte!” I said it proudly.
“It sounds much better than Chicken Latte.” Nichkhun said. Donghae giggled for a while when he heard that.
“Wish me luck!” I grinned at them.

I opened the office door and walked in nervously. Seung Ho, Yunho, and Hara had waited for me to enter the room. I put the coffee on the table.
“Eeh… this is my coffee hyung. Please try it.” I gulped down as I saw Hara raised her eyebrow at me.
“I hope it tasted as good as it looks.” Seung Ho smiled at me. I gulped again as he took the first sip of the glass. I almost close my eyes while Hara took a sip too. Yunho didn’t took any sips from my coffee, instead he waited for Seung Ho and Hara to comment it.
“Well..” Seung Ho cut his word.
“Y.. Yes?” I tilted my head.
“What is it called again?”
“Peppermint Latte.”
“Hmm…” Hara touched her chin and kept staring at my coffee. I rolled my eyes and sighed. How long does it take to give comments on my coffee? Does it taste that confusing? Only some mint flavor with the right amount of coffee…
After they took sometime discussing, finally they stopped talking.

“Onew..” Seung Ho called me.
“Ne.?” Again, I answered him.
“Your coffee is great. We’d like to see you working again tomorrow morning.” Seung Ho reached out his hand and smiled at me.
“AHH JInjja-yo?? Thank you!!!!!” I hugged him instead. I went to hug Yunho too, but Hara quickly put her hand in front of my face before I could even reach her. She cleared her throat.
“We’d like to keep you working here because you’re such a determined employee. I hope you can work harder because we decided to let you stay.” She said without even a slight of smile. I didn’t care if she smiled or not, I smiled. I couldn’t wait to tell Sunny that her recipe works and I could keep working here.

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Coffee & Cakes [03] - Coffee for Seung Ho


“Good Morning, employees.” Seung Ho suddenly came from his office followed by Hannah and Yunho.
“Good Morning, Hyung!” I greeted him happily but Seung Ho seems to be serious.
“What’s wrong, boss?” Nichkhun asked him. Something is wrong.
“Well, it’s hard for me to tell you guys this but I guess I have no other choice.” He stopped for a while, making me hold my breath. We’re all nervous about what will Seung Ho say.

“You guys have to make good coffee. Or we have to fire you.” My head goes blank when I heard that words come out from his mouth. They’re going to fire us?! We’re all shocked by their decision.
“Why, Hyung? You can’t do this to us. We all need this job.” Said Cheondung with a desperate voice.
“I’m sorry, we have no other choice.” He walked back to his office.
“Good luck, guys.” Said Hannah before she left us.

“Hello guys!” Donghae came in with a big smile on his face. “What’s going on?” He asked.
“They’re going to fire us if we don’t make good coffee.” Nichkhun explained the situation.
“What?” Donghae’s eyes instantly widen, and ran to Seung Ho’s office.

I still can’t believe this. What if I get fired? I enjoyed working here.
“I’d better try to make the coffee.” I mumbled to myself. I walked to the kitchen and make a regular espresso.
“this is too simple and standard.” I mumbled again. Well, what could we add into it? To make it more unique.
“What are you doing?” Nichkhun suddenly came and patted my shoulder.
“I’m trying to make a unique coffee. Ah, Nichkhun! You should try my ‘unique coffee’ later okay! Promise me!” I said enthusiastically.
“Errr..” Nichkhun only stared at me without answering.
“I take that as a YES! Thankyou so much, Nichkhun!” I patted his shoulder and continue my ‘experiment’.

Coffee & Cakes [02]


“Hello, Taeyeon.” I greeted Taeyeon as I wiped the cake display. She just walk, passing me. I think she didn’t hear it.
“HEY!” I heard someone is yelling In the kitchen. I quickly run to the kitchen.
I saw Taeyeon on the floor and Eun Hye standing in front of her with her face and uniform stained by creams and other oily things. I think I know what’s going on here. Yoona helps Eun Hye clean her face and uniform while I help Taeyeon stand up. Yes, Taeyeon started to sob.
“OMO! My uniform! STOP CRYING AND WASH MY UNIFORM!” Eun Hye yelling at Taeyeon.
“Unnie, stop yelling at her. I’ll wash your uniform.” I said as I hug Taeyeon to calm her down. Eun Hye walked to the changing room.
“It’s alright, Taeyeon.” I smiled and wiped her tears.
“Here!” Eun Hye suddenly appeared as she threw her uniform to me. “Give it to me by tomorrow” She continued and left me and Taeyeon.
I took Eun Hye’s uniform and put it into my locker.

I pushed the ‘up’ button and entered the lift when suddenly someone was running toward the lift and hold the lift’s door then walked into the lift. It was Onew.
“Slow down, young man.” I said.
“I was chased by a dog.” He answered.
“Mwo? What did you do to it?” I asked as I pushed the ‘9’ button.
“Nothing. I was walking. Well yea I kicked a can and it hit the dog. I really didn’t know that there were a dog there. It chased me like it’s going to eat me.”  He explained. He seems so exhausted.
“Hahahahaha!” I laughed. I couldn’t handle my laugh.
“what’s so funny about it? i almost die!” He pouts.
“Hahaha! Okay okay. I’ll stop.” Seriously, He’s the funniest guy I’ve ever knew. I always ended up laughing when talking to him.
“Ah! Your key chain.” He take a key chain out of his pocket. “I want to give it to you this morning but I couldn’t leave the cafĂ© till my shift over.” He continued.
“oh, you really shouldn’t buy me this, but thank you. It’s kyeoptta” I take the key chain and smile. Woa. He really bought me this. That’s not even his fault. Well, He just got one more good points from me.
“I’m glad you like it.” He smiles to me. Ahh, how cute. I love his smile. A lot.
We walked to our apartment and separated in front of my door. He said Good bye to me and disappearing behind his door. I looked at the key chain he gave me and unconsciously smiling. What is this feeling? Why am I so happy when receiving this thing?

Coffee & Cakes [01]


“I lived here” I answered.

“You lived here? I haven’t seen you around here before.” She said.

“I just moved in yesterday. Well, once again sorry about your key chain.” I looked at the broken key chain. A heart shaped key chain that cracked in the middle.

“No problem. It’s not your fault though. I’m the one who dropped it.” She putted the key in her bag and smile to me.

“Cute” unconsciously I’m voicing my thoughts and fortunately, in a low voice. What the hell am I doing?

“Sorry?” She asked.

“Ah, umm. Nothing. Err, I have to.. clean my apartment now. You know.. I just moved in yesterday.. and didn’t have times for.. cleaning so I have to.. do it now.” I’m talking like a 3 years old child who was learning how to speak. I’m nervous okay. She nodded her head, smiling but then turned into giggles.

“What?” I asked her. Is there something wrong with my face?

“Why are you talking like that?” She asked me, still giggling. “okay okay, I’ll stop. Go clean your apartment.” She stopped her giggles and then smiling again.

“Huff..Okay..” I took a deep breath and walked to a room besides hers and took my key.

“That’s your apartment?” She asked me with a really surprised face. “Whoa, we really are a neighbor.” She continued.

“Yeah, I guess so.” I nodded my head.

“Okay then, Good Bye. And Welcome to this apartment.” She smiled again and entered her apartment.
One thing that I know for sure about her is that she loves smiling.


I’m walking along the street, looking for an accessories shop. Yes, I want to buy her a new keychain. I looked around and found a small shop with bright decoration. I entered the shop, looking for a key chain but all I could see are earrings, rings, and other accessories. Don’t they sell any key chains?

“Excuse me, Can I help you?” A shopkeeper asked me.

“I’m looking for key chains.” I answered. The shopkeeper walked and shows me where the key chains are.

“Here, take your time.” The shopkeeper smiled then left me.

Well, let’s choose. I saw a tacky heart shaped keychain. I’m sure she’ll throw it away after I give it to her.

I looked around and found an owl key chain hanging on the wall. I’m not going to buy her the heart shaped one. It’s too typical and ordinary so I took that owl key chain then walked to the cashier to pay for it.
I continue to walking through the street and found the Coffee Prince sign.

“Hi Onew.” Nickhun greeted me.

“Ah hello, Hyung.” I greeted him back as I walked to the changing room and change my clothes to Coffee Prince’s uniform.
I wiped the cashier desk and putted some paper cups near the coffee maker. I could see Donghae just came and walked inside. I looked outside and found Sunny just entered the Bakery. I suddenly remembered the key chain and ran toward the door.

“Hey where are you going?” Nickhun asked me.

“To the Bakery.” I stopped running as I answered him.

“No, You can’t go it’s your shift now. Stay here.” He looked at me, raising his eyebrows.

“But..” I won’t tell him about what happened yesterday. He’ll laugh at me. I walked back to the cashier.

“My shift is over. You handle the rest okay.” He smiled and left to the changing room.

I guess I have to wait for my shift to over. I took a deep breath and standing behind the cashier desk.

Coffee & Cakes [Character Introduction + Sunny's POV]

Name : Lee Soon Kyu (Sunny)
Age : 21.

Sunny finds baking was a quite interesting thing. She has learned how to bake since she was 18 and now she is working at a bakery called Antique Bakery. Many people loves her cakes especially children. Sunny loves children too and she sometimes gave free cakes to them. 

Name : Lee Jin Ki (Onew)
Age : 21

Onew is a nice cute guy that could easily adapting to a new place. He just moved to Seoul and accepted as an employee in Coffee Prince. He’s kind, and not a talkative guy.


“This is for you” I smiled said to a child as giving him a free cake.

“Thank you, noona” He smiled and thanked me then run to his mom. He waved at me and so do I. 

“Why did you give a free cake to him?” Asked Hye Young.

“He’s just a little boy. I’ll pay for the cake.” I took my money and put it in the machine on the cashier desk. “Done” i continued and smile to her.

“Yea whatever. By the way, it’s my shift now. You should go home and take a rest. You look tired. I’ll take care the rest.” Said Hye Young.

She was right. Yoona didn’t come because she felt unwell, so I took her place and worked full day.

“okay” I went to the changing room and change my uniform.

“Bye” I waved to Hye Young. She waved back to me.

I walked through the street and suddenly the rain started to pour hardly. “Oh gosh” I murmured to my self. I don’t bring my umbrella or anything else, and just wearing a thin long sleeves shirt. I looked around and found “Coffee Prince” sign. I ran there to avoid the rain.

“Hello, Sunny” Suddenly someone greeted me from behind. I look to my back and found KiKwang and someone I don’t know.

“ah, Hello Kikwang.” I greeted him back. I looked at the unknown guy, maybe I could recognize him but ended up with no result. Who is he? 

“oh, he’s a new employee here.” He said as he pointed at the unknown guy. Oh is that written clearly on my face?

“I’m Onew. Nice to meet you.” The unknown guy suddenly offered his hand and introduced him self.

“Sunny” I shook his hand and looked at him. He’s cute. “Nice to meet you too.” I continued.
“Want some coffee?” Onew asked me.

“oh no thanks. I’m just waiting for the rain” I looked at the sky. The rain stopped.

“well, the rain has stopped. I’ll go home now. Bye Kikwang, Bye Onew. Nice to meet you.” I waved at them and started to walk again.

“Becareful, Sunny. Bye” I could hear Kikwang’s voice responding my farewell, so I looked back and smiled.

I reached my apartment in 15minutes. I took my apartment key and started to open the door when suddenly someone bumped me to the floor. My key fell off and broke the keychain. “Oh I’m sorry.” He helped me stand up “Sorry for this.” He gave my key back. I took it and suddenly surprised.

“Onew? What are you doing here?”

Role Play! ^^


i think i want to post my roleplay that i made in POLYVORE here! hehehe.
this roleplay is about a girl who worked in ANTIQUE BAKERY and a guy who works on COFFEE PRINCE and like each other xD very typical but this is my first time make story.

i've made the sets too! here's the link of the set + story in my account on Polyvore :

so, i'll post now! ^^

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Poly needs! -SNSD-

Poly needs! -Other SM's-

Poly needs! -SJ-


Poly needs! -SHINee-


It has been a long time since my last post.
How are you? hahaha.

i don't know why i'm soooo lazy today. not in the mood to do anything.
i really want to go to collage asap. why? i'm so bored. BORED TO CRY with my life. really. nothing interesting. I don't know if my life would be better when i'm going to collage but yea let's see what will happen.

i love to watch Digimon and Pokemon recently. LOL don't laugh. i know it sounds childish but it's fun! ahh how i love them now xD it must be fun having a pokemon or a digimon partner. i know this is soooooo crazy but i want one too!! hahahah xP

Ah yes, i have to write 2 stories tonight or they'll delete my characters :( i'm talking about Polyovore btw. It's fun making sets there xD all my sets are about Korean guys and girls lol. Korean has dominated my favorite music now xP

well i have to go.
Yea, my friend's b'day party.
okay. BYE BYE ^^

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