Saturday, October 8, 2011

Coffee & Cakes [05] - The Charity Athletics Championship.

Onew’s POV

I could hear the spectators are shouting, cheering for us. There are some spectators shouting for Coffee Prince too.
“I feel like an Idol.” I murmured as I looked at the spectators, waving to them. I felt so encouraged by their cheers.
 I was stretching my body on the sideline of the field when I saw Sunny walking not so far from me. I waved to her. Fortunately she saw me and waved back to me.
“HWAITING!” She yelled and raised her fist. I nodded my head and did the same thing. The race will begin anytime soon.

The referee has blown the whistle, makes the spectators yelling even louder. I waited for Dongjun to give me the stick since I was the second runner.
When Dongjun is close enough, I grabbed the stick and ran as I fast as I could to Wooyoung. When I have passed the stick, something tripped my leg so I fell to the ground and got my ankle twisted. Thank God I have passed the stick or my team will lose because of me. I could see Jungmin has beaten the other runner and the spectators are cheering for our victory. I tried to stand up but my ankle is too hurt too prop my body. I almost fell if Sunny didn’t come and help me.
“Yah! Your ankle is hurt but you force yourself to stand up!” She yelled.
“There is no one helping me so what could I do?” I raised my shoulder and started to walk slowly to the nearest seat (by Sunny’s help of course)
“I’ll take some medicine. Wait here.” She said as she left me.

“That was a nice race. What’s wrong with your leg by the way? Don’t tell me that it got twisted too.” Said Donghae as he walked toward me.
“Hahaha thanks hyung. I won’t tell you then.” I answered.
“Oh come on. Why are you two so careless?” he rolled his eyes.
“Two? Who?” I asked confusedly.
“You and Seung Ho. He got his ankle twisted too. So he couldn’t participate on the race.” He explained.
“Really? So who’ll replace him?”
“He asked me to.” Donghae answered, lazily.
“That’s good. You can run fast!” I energetically patted his shoulder.
“Yea whatever. Well, the race will begin soon. I should get ready. “ he said as he turned around and ran away to the running place.
“Good luck, hyung! HWAITING!” I waved at him, he didn’t see me of course.

“I got the medicine box.” Sunny suddenly appear behind me and show me the medicine box.
“Thanks for helping me by the way.” I thanked her.
“That’s what friend is for.” She smile and started to wrap my ankle with bandage. “You’ve done so good on the race. Congratulation for Coffee Prince’s victory.” She continued.

Sunny’s POV

“Why did you give that girl free cake? Did you often do that?” Onew asked, surprisingly. I just gave a free cake to a kid. it’s his first time to see me doing it.
“Not that often. I love to give kids free cakes.” I answered as I put my money on the machine.
“How could you be a rich person if you always give something freely to other people like that?” He complained, widened his eyes.
“Oh come on. Stop complaining. You’ll get used to it just like the other Antique Bakery girls.“ I patted his shoulder and continued watching the race.
“Ah that’s Donghae, right? Whoa, He runs very fast!” I cut his words and stood up to cheer Donghae.

He didn’t respond to what I’ve said.
He looks.. unhappy.
Oh, Is that too rude? I just don’t want to talk about it again.

“What’s wrong? Sorry if you’re mad because..”

“Ne, it’s not that.” He’s the one who cut my words now. What the hell is going on here?

“Then… what is it?” I asked him.

“Sunny, I think i….”


Guess, What will he say?^^

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