Friday, September 16, 2011

Coffee & Cakes [Character Introduction + Sunny's POV]

Name : Lee Soon Kyu (Sunny)
Age : 21.

Sunny finds baking was a quite interesting thing. She has learned how to bake since she was 18 and now she is working at a bakery called Antique Bakery. Many people loves her cakes especially children. Sunny loves children too and she sometimes gave free cakes to them. 

Name : Lee Jin Ki (Onew)
Age : 21

Onew is a nice cute guy that could easily adapting to a new place. He just moved to Seoul and accepted as an employee in Coffee Prince. He’s kind, and not a talkative guy.


“This is for you” I smiled said to a child as giving him a free cake.

“Thank you, noona” He smiled and thanked me then run to his mom. He waved at me and so do I. 

“Why did you give a free cake to him?” Asked Hye Young.

“He’s just a little boy. I’ll pay for the cake.” I took my money and put it in the machine on the cashier desk. “Done” i continued and smile to her.

“Yea whatever. By the way, it’s my shift now. You should go home and take a rest. You look tired. I’ll take care the rest.” Said Hye Young.

She was right. Yoona didn’t come because she felt unwell, so I took her place and worked full day.

“okay” I went to the changing room and change my uniform.

“Bye” I waved to Hye Young. She waved back to me.

I walked through the street and suddenly the rain started to pour hardly. “Oh gosh” I murmured to my self. I don’t bring my umbrella or anything else, and just wearing a thin long sleeves shirt. I looked around and found “Coffee Prince” sign. I ran there to avoid the rain.

“Hello, Sunny” Suddenly someone greeted me from behind. I look to my back and found KiKwang and someone I don’t know.

“ah, Hello Kikwang.” I greeted him back. I looked at the unknown guy, maybe I could recognize him but ended up with no result. Who is he? 

“oh, he’s a new employee here.” He said as he pointed at the unknown guy. Oh is that written clearly on my face?

“I’m Onew. Nice to meet you.” The unknown guy suddenly offered his hand and introduced him self.

“Sunny” I shook his hand and looked at him. He’s cute. “Nice to meet you too.” I continued.
“Want some coffee?” Onew asked me.

“oh no thanks. I’m just waiting for the rain” I looked at the sky. The rain stopped.

“well, the rain has stopped. I’ll go home now. Bye Kikwang, Bye Onew. Nice to meet you.” I waved at them and started to walk again.

“Becareful, Sunny. Bye” I could hear Kikwang’s voice responding my farewell, so I looked back and smiled.

I reached my apartment in 15minutes. I took my apartment key and started to open the door when suddenly someone bumped me to the floor. My key fell off and broke the keychain. “Oh I’m sorry.” He helped me stand up “Sorry for this.” He gave my key back. I took it and suddenly surprised.

“Onew? What are you doing here?”

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