Friday, September 16, 2011

Coffee & Cakes [03] - Coffee for Seung Ho


“Good Morning, employees.” Seung Ho suddenly came from his office followed by Hannah and Yunho.
“Good Morning, Hyung!” I greeted him happily but Seung Ho seems to be serious.
“What’s wrong, boss?” Nichkhun asked him. Something is wrong.
“Well, it’s hard for me to tell you guys this but I guess I have no other choice.” He stopped for a while, making me hold my breath. We’re all nervous about what will Seung Ho say.

“You guys have to make good coffee. Or we have to fire you.” My head goes blank when I heard that words come out from his mouth. They’re going to fire us?! We’re all shocked by their decision.
“Why, Hyung? You can’t do this to us. We all need this job.” Said Cheondung with a desperate voice.
“I’m sorry, we have no other choice.” He walked back to his office.
“Good luck, guys.” Said Hannah before she left us.

“Hello guys!” Donghae came in with a big smile on his face. “What’s going on?” He asked.
“They’re going to fire us if we don’t make good coffee.” Nichkhun explained the situation.
“What?” Donghae’s eyes instantly widen, and ran to Seung Ho’s office.

I still can’t believe this. What if I get fired? I enjoyed working here.
“I’d better try to make the coffee.” I mumbled to myself. I walked to the kitchen and make a regular espresso.
“this is too simple and standard.” I mumbled again. Well, what could we add into it? To make it more unique.
“What are you doing?” Nichkhun suddenly came and patted my shoulder.
“I’m trying to make a unique coffee. Ah, Nichkhun! You should try my ‘unique coffee’ later okay! Promise me!” I said enthusiastically.
“Errr..” Nichkhun only stared at me without answering.
“I take that as a YES! Thankyou so much, Nichkhun!” I patted his shoulder and continue my ‘experiment’.

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