Friday, September 16, 2011

Coffee & Cakes [01]


“I lived here” I answered.

“You lived here? I haven’t seen you around here before.” She said.

“I just moved in yesterday. Well, once again sorry about your key chain.” I looked at the broken key chain. A heart shaped key chain that cracked in the middle.

“No problem. It’s not your fault though. I’m the one who dropped it.” She putted the key in her bag and smile to me.

“Cute” unconsciously I’m voicing my thoughts and fortunately, in a low voice. What the hell am I doing?

“Sorry?” She asked.

“Ah, umm. Nothing. Err, I have to.. clean my apartment now. You know.. I just moved in yesterday.. and didn’t have times for.. cleaning so I have to.. do it now.” I’m talking like a 3 years old child who was learning how to speak. I’m nervous okay. She nodded her head, smiling but then turned into giggles.

“What?” I asked her. Is there something wrong with my face?

“Why are you talking like that?” She asked me, still giggling. “okay okay, I’ll stop. Go clean your apartment.” She stopped her giggles and then smiling again.

“Huff..Okay..” I took a deep breath and walked to a room besides hers and took my key.

“That’s your apartment?” She asked me with a really surprised face. “Whoa, we really are a neighbor.” She continued.

“Yeah, I guess so.” I nodded my head.

“Okay then, Good Bye. And Welcome to this apartment.” She smiled again and entered her apartment.
One thing that I know for sure about her is that she loves smiling.


I’m walking along the street, looking for an accessories shop. Yes, I want to buy her a new keychain. I looked around and found a small shop with bright decoration. I entered the shop, looking for a key chain but all I could see are earrings, rings, and other accessories. Don’t they sell any key chains?

“Excuse me, Can I help you?” A shopkeeper asked me.

“I’m looking for key chains.” I answered. The shopkeeper walked and shows me where the key chains are.

“Here, take your time.” The shopkeeper smiled then left me.

Well, let’s choose. I saw a tacky heart shaped keychain. I’m sure she’ll throw it away after I give it to her.

I looked around and found an owl key chain hanging on the wall. I’m not going to buy her the heart shaped one. It’s too typical and ordinary so I took that owl key chain then walked to the cashier to pay for it.
I continue to walking through the street and found the Coffee Prince sign.

“Hi Onew.” Nickhun greeted me.

“Ah hello, Hyung.” I greeted him back as I walked to the changing room and change my clothes to Coffee Prince’s uniform.
I wiped the cashier desk and putted some paper cups near the coffee maker. I could see Donghae just came and walked inside. I looked outside and found Sunny just entered the Bakery. I suddenly remembered the key chain and ran toward the door.

“Hey where are you going?” Nickhun asked me.

“To the Bakery.” I stopped running as I answered him.

“No, You can’t go it’s your shift now. Stay here.” He looked at me, raising his eyebrows.

“But..” I won’t tell him about what happened yesterday. He’ll laugh at me. I walked back to the cashier.

“My shift is over. You handle the rest okay.” He smiled and left to the changing room.

I guess I have to wait for my shift to over. I took a deep breath and standing behind the cashier desk.

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